Viva Baja III Feb. 23, 2002

On a Saturday afternoon in Oceanside, California, 105 + amigos met at El Charrito Restaurant to celebrate their love for Baja California. Many have posted travel stories on the Amigos de Baja discussion board, some have Baja web sites, several were members of 'Desert Explorers' (Neal's army). Quite a few are authors of Baja books, and some have a business based in Baja or Baja travel. I am very happy to host this great get-together. The following photos are from Baja Mur, Norm and Bedman, muchas gracias amigos! tu amigo, David Kier (
Read our travel stories on the Amigos de Baja Discussion Board:

Mary Ann Humfreville was everyone's first checkpoint at
Viva Baja for sign in, and 105 name tags (provided by Amo Pescar).Thanks
Mary Ann for an outstanding job!!!


Marian Johns shows Baja Mur where to find Neal!


Neal Johns and his broken leg arrive at Viva Baja!


Barbara Marnell just saw Neal in his camper, but shows no sympathy!

Lynn Burleson, John Marnell and Bob Burleson
are explorers of the U.S. and Mexican deserts.

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