..............VIVA BAJA - 2
.... May 12, 2001 San Clemente

The Viva Baja Story

The second get together called 'Viva Baja' was a smashing success. Those who have a passion for Baja California so great that they share it with others, are the people of Viva Baja. Sixty eight guests came from as far away as San Quintin, Twenty Nine Palms, and Santa Barbara... to meet, see, hear, enjoy, win, and have fun!

Viva Baja's roots started in May, 2000 when Timothy Walker and David K decided to have a small party of Baja friends to be part of their first personal meeting. Some of the over twenty who attended were Carlos Fiesta, Dick Van Bree, Graham Mackintosh, Greg Niemann, Ferna de Tijuana, Lorenzo de Baja, Wild Bill, David Eidell, Michelle, El Gato Loco, Baja Barb, Whistler, Jens (Baja-Web), Norm (Baja Links), Mike & Mary Ann Humfreville.

Everyone wanted to meet again, but not wait a whole year to do so.... Six months later, the next party (given the name 'Viva Baja') was organized by David K. Some fifty guests enjoyed meeting, sharing, and watching videos and slides. See that party at: http://www.davidksbaja.com/vivabaja

I want to give special thanks to Amo Pescar (posters, table names, name tags, guest register sheets); Mary Ann Humfreville (registration table); Michelle (door prize secretary); Baja Mur (super photographer); Baja Ken (music)... thank you very much!

Now, sit back and have a look at some of the many people who made Viva Baja-2 the best yet!
Thank you,
David Kier (davidk@davidksbaja.com)

Viva Baja Links/ Last Page: http://www.davidksbaja.com/vivabaja2/page16.html

Arriving guests first met Mary Ann Humfreville. She was awesome with the duty of registration and name tags, thank you very much Mary Ann!

Eric and Trish of Amigos de Baja. Their hard work on the premier Baja discussion board, is how we all became friends before ever meeting. The real start of Viva Baja is the Amigos Board! Thank you for all your unselfish hard work, the rest of us all are greater people for it!

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