A grand get-together of book and article authors, website creators, and gobaja 'roomies' was held in San Clemente on Saturday, Oct. 28th. The party was organized by 'David K' with the intent to further constructive communication for the benefit of ALL who use the Internet to learn (or share things) about Baja California.
Nearly fifty guests attended and included those who provide or represent the following....
Amigos de Baja, Baja Links, Baja Expo, Baja-Web, Baja Public Message Board, Baja Nomad, Baja Traveler Magazine, Baja California Language College, and the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada.
Authors attending included Graham Mackintosh, Greg Niemann, Kacey Smith, and Mike Humfreville...
Frequent contributors to the discussion boards present included... Lorenzo de Baja (LdB), David Eidell, Michelle (M), Ofer, Dave in 29 Palms, DP Dave, Paulina, Neal Johns (Aridologist), Alejandra, Jack Swords, and more!
Ken Cooke (Baja Ken) who shared his San Pedro Martir photos on and, provided music for us. Ken's guest, Suzanne, showed us her beautiful collection of Baja landscape photography. Lorenzo showed us his very interesting movies of early trips into Baja from nearly 40 years ago. Graham provided his entertaining slides from both his first and latest Baja walking adventures. Many others shared a bit of Baja during the 'Show and Tell' presentation. We all learned some new things that day.
Door prizes offered included Deluxe hotel accomodations for two nights in Ensenada (from Tillie of the San Nicolas), and in Rosarito (from Ferna de Tijuana); $100 cash from 'Wayno' of BB Bait and Tackle, in Blythe; A copy of 'Into a Desert Place' from Graham Mackintosh; A copy of 'Baja Fever' from Greg Niemann; A copy of Ray Cannon's 'Sea of Cortez' from David K; Two Hellerwork sessions from 'jeans' (Mindy); and two full fare sportfishing tickets at 'Pierpoint', from 'Whistler'(Glenn).
The more than thirty photos will give you a sample of some of your 'fellow amigos' enjoying that day. If you have a photo of a guest that was missed please scan and email to me (jpeg), and I will add it! A list of links from attendees completes the page.
Thank you all so much for making VIVA BAJA a great day!
David Kier

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