Viva Baja Van Trip #1 June 29-July 7, 2001

The 'break-in' voyage of the new 4WD van purchased by Amo Pescar for Viva Baja Tours occured over the July Fourth week. Joining with the van's pilot, 'David K' was his kids (Chris and Sarah), 'Travelpearl' (Debra), 'El Camote' (Mike), David Eidell, 'Desert Rat' (Ron), and from Cielito Lindo to San Felipe: 'Miguelito' (Mike Humfreville's son, Mike).

Two special day trips occured during this week. The first was on Sunday to Las Pintas when Amo Pescar (Mike), Jeans (Mindy), Michelle and her 'BHL' David joined us at that petroglyph and fossil grotto.

The other day trip was on Wednesday from L.A. Bay south 40 miles in search of a lost (proposed) mission site, Santa Maria Magdalena. That day we had as a guide, Jesus Flores, 80 years old, born in Calmalli, Baja California. Riding in the van in addition was Paulina, Mike Humfreville, and Baja historian John Perko.

The week started on Friday, at Cielito Lindo south of Bahia San Quintin for Michelle's 'Boojum Buddies Baja Bash' (BBBB) party.

Then it was on to Paulina's place on Bahia de los Angeles, near Camp Gecko. A stop at Rancho Santa Ynez for lunch and a hike to Tinaja de Yubay also happened that day (Monday).

Tuesday, we toured L.A. Bay's museum, the turtle project, Humfreville's hut site, and swam with a whale shark at La Gringa!

Thursday we headed north for the last camp at Alfonsina's on Bahia San Luis Gonzaga.

Friday, it was home via San Felipe and Mexicali.

So, kick back and enjoy the photos!>>>>

Boojum Buddies Baja Bash 6-30-01 The following 11 photos taken by 'Bedman'.

Mary Ann Humfrevile, El Camote, Jeans, Miguelito Humfreville, David K...and Sarah K in front.

Earle (of Amigos de Baja), Paulina, Mike Humfreville, & Eric (of Amigos de Baja).

Travelpearl (aka Debra) finally relaxes after traveling nearly 1,500 miles to Cielito Lindo

Paula (El Jefe's better half) is showing off her artistic talents

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