Nov. 1967, Nuevo Mazatlan (Agua de Chale)

Before he planted trees, camp owner Luis had large palapas on the beach (then called cabanas). My parents, my school friend and I pose next to my dad's Jeep Wagoneer.

Thanksgiving 1967

David K (age 10) and school buddy Shawn Glover. My dad pulled a travel trailer with his Jeep on this trip.

Mar., 1972

My dad bought this Baja custom Myers Manx, with a roof rack and snap on sides. It became my car when I turned 16. I am 14 in this picture.

July, 1972

The founder of Nuevo Mazatlan, Luis Castellanos Moreno, David K (age 14), and Felicitas (Luis' wife).

Nuevo Mazatlan, Aug.1973

My dad was always game for a trip to Baja.... Like father, like son!

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