Santa Gertrudis 1752-1822

When a new mission to the north was planned, it was given the name 'Dolores del Norte' and it appears on the Jesuit mision list of 1745 and the map of 1757 (drawn from 10 year old information). When the funds for the new mission were donated by the Marques de Villapuente, he requested it be named Santa Gertrudis. GPS: 28°03'04.0" 113°05'07.2"

Ironically, some maps and books show a seperate mission of Dolores del Norte between San Ignacio and Santa Gertrudis.

In 1964, the people of San Francisco de la Sierra informed their first outside visitors (Choral Pepper and others) the old walls in their village were the remains of 'Dolores'. San Francisco may have been an early site? Visita ruins in San Pablo canyon, below San Francisco, have also been named Dolores del Norte.

The mission bells are detached from the church at Santa Gertrudis. One of the bells is cast with the name 'Santa Maria Magdalena 1739', another proposed mission shown on the Jesuit map to the north of here. Ruins found in 1966 may be the Magdalena abandoned misson project (see Photo by Kevin Clough

San Francisco Borja de Adac 1762-1818

Founded by the Jesuits just six years before they were removed from New Spain, San Borja has extensive adobe ruins behind the Dominican built stone church . A metal awning protects some of adobe walls, believed to be of Franciscan origin (1768-1773).

The stone church at San Borja was built by the Dominicans until the construction stopped in 1801. The planned bell tower is the only missing part. GPS: 28°44'40.4" 113°45'14.4"

San Borja photo by Howard Gulick taken in 1952

San Borja adobe mission ruins in 1954 photograph by Howard Gulick.

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