Santiago el Apostol Aiñini 1724-1795

Established here in 1724 after the mission failure at Santa Ana in 1722. About 1734 the mission was moved 2 miles south where the town is today. Another move in 1790 to Cadueño is reported by some historians.

Only foundation stones were seen, at the first site. It is now a ranch where visitors are not welcome, so no GPS here. The Santiago town church is on the second site.

Nuestro Señor de San Ignacio Kadakaaman 1728-1840

The massive stone church was completed 58 years after its founding. The Dominicans finished the work in 1786. San Ignacio was the northern-most California mission for 23 years. Located in the town plaza of San Ignacio and surounded by an oasis in the desert. GPS: 27°17'02.2" 112°53'56.1"

San Jose del Cabo Añuiti 1730-1840

Photo from 1919, showing the damage from the huricane of 1918. The modern town church was built on this site. No ruins remain at any of the mission's known locations, so no GPS data. San Jose was first established near the coast, but soon moved 5 miles inland (today's San Jose Viejo). The mission was moved back to coast in 1735, and a final move 1 mile inland was made in 1753.

Santa Rosa de las Palmas 1733-1748

Established at the La Paz mission visita of Todos Santos, in 1733. Fifteen years later, the mission at La Paz moved here and the Santa Rosa mission name changed. See below. GPS: 23°27'37.3" 110°13'08.3"

Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz (Todos Santos) 1748-1840

When the mission of La Paz moved south, the mission of Santa Rosa was replaced. In 1825, the mission moved again, about 1 mile south. Church in the photo was built in 1970 at the first site. The final site is occupied by the modern town church.

San Luis Gonzaga Chiriyaqui 1737-1768

Established at an oasis visita of the Los Dolores Apate mission. The stone church was built in the 1750's. GPS: 24°54'29.0" 111°17'27.3"

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