Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Huasinapi 1720-1795

Only some stone walls of the church, built about 1750, remain at this mountain mission.
Photo from 2019 GPS: 2655'6.35" -11224'21.70"

Guadalupe ruins in 1953 photo by Howard Gulick

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Apate 1721-1741*

Originally established close to the gulf coast, Dolores was soon moved to this spot about 3 miles west. *In 1741, a third move was made to the Dolores visita of La Pasion in the region called Chilla (see below).

Los Dolores is often called 'Dolores del Sur' because the Jesuits planned for a future mission of 'Dolores del Norte' (see Santa Gertrudis).

Photo taken from the ridgetop west of the mission.
This mission and San Pedro Martir are the only two not accessed by an automobile road. GPS: 25°03'19.0" 110°53'03.3"

Close up photo of Los Dolores Apate by Kevin Clough in 1998

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Chilla 1741-1768

The final move for the mission of Los Dolores was over 15 miles to the southwest, in the region called Chilla by the Indians. This mission location was usually called 'La Pasion', the name of the visita that was here. Some books list a seperate mission of 'La Pasion' instead of this being the final location for Los Dolores. GPS: 24°53'14.4" 111°01'49.8"

1949/1950 Marquis McDonald mission expedition photograph of Los Dolores Chilla (La Pasion) ruins.

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