La Purisima Concepcion de Cadegomo 1720-1822

Photo taken at Purisima Vieja, the original site where only foundation stones remain. The mission was moved approx. 10 miles south, about the year 1735. GPS: 26°18'34.5" 112°09'51.0"

The final site of the Purisima mission only has some walls and graves to mark the location, in the town of La Purisima. GPS: 26°11'25.6" 112°04'22.6"

La Purisima mission in 1906 photo by Arthur North.

La Purisima mission ruins in 1956. Photo by Howard Gulick.

Another Howard Gulick photo at La Purisima, in 1956.

Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz Airapi 1720-1748*

No remains of the mission overlooking La Paz Bay remain, just this plaque. GPS: 24°09'36.00" 110°18'59.4"

*In 1748, the mission was moved south to Todos Santos and replaced the mission of Santa Rosa de las Palmas, there.

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