Nuestra Señora de Loreto Concho 1697-1829

California's first successful mission. Loreto is known as the 'head and mother' of all the missions in Upper and Lower California. The church construction was completed in 1752. In 1877, the bell tower was destroyed by an earthquake. The replacement was added in the mid 1950's. GPS: 26°00'37.0" 111°20'35.8"

Loreto mission in 1950 photo by Howard Gulick. The bell and clock tower was added before 1957.

Inside the Loreto mission in 1950. This Howard Gulick photo shows the church lacking a roof.

San Francisco Javier de Biaundo 1699-1817

The second California mission was originally founded 5 miles north, but moved here in 1710. The church was built from 1744 to 1758, and remains as the finest preserved stone mission in Baja California. GPS: 25°51'36.9" 111°32'37.0"

1952 photo by Howard Gulick

Roof of San Javier mission in 1976 photo by David Kier.

Another rooftop photo by David Kier in 1976.

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