Baja California is the land of boulders, boojum trees,
beautiful beaches, and historic missions.


Land of Missions
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My Baja webpage, started in February, 2000

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Revisit often as I build the pages. The highlights
will be the land and history of the peninsula. I welcome contributions
such as photos of interesting natural features, missions or other historical
sites, maps from the past, or ??? Email to info@vivabaja.com

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My Baja California Road Guide Maps of 2018

David Kier's Baja California Maps Combined

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> Video: The 1973 Baja 1000, filmed east of Ojos Negros

> Video: To the Sulfur Mine and Matomí Canyon waterfall, 2001

> Video: The Baja Extreme 2016, a 4x4 Tour

The Last Mission, a TV show with history by David Kier, 2021

The Devil's Road, an award-winning film. Clip with David Kier, 2020

TV's America Unearthed with Scott Wolter goes to Baja with David Kier, 2019

2019 Trail of Missions Recon with David Kier (Episode 1: Missions Guadalupe & Mulegé)

2019 Trail of Missions Recon with David Kier (Episode 2: San Borjitas, Londó, San Bruno)

2019 Trail of Missions Recon with David Kier (Episode 3: Visita de San Pablo)

2019 Trail of Missions Recon with David Kier (Episode 4: San Francisco de la Sierra)

2019 Trail of Missions Recon with David Kier (Episode 5: Bahía Concepcion, Volcan Tres Virgenes)


VIVA BAJA MAPS (Past to Present)
These historic maps are for educational purposes only

Baja California, Mexico 'Zoom-In' Topo & Satellite Map

1747 Padre Fernando Consag 'Zoom-In' Map

1757 Jesuit Mission 'Zoom-In' Map

1768 Baja and Mexico 'Zoom-In' Map

1823 Baja & Alta California 'Zoom-In' Map

1904 Postal Route 'Zoom-in' Map

1905-1906 E.W. Nelson Expedition 'Zoom-In' Map (printed in 1919)

1918 Goldbaum Baja Norte 'Zoom-In' Map (printed in 1925)

1922 Baja California 'Zoom-In' Map

1930 Baja California 'Zoom-In' Map

1934 Auto Club 'Zoom-In' Map

1962 Baja road maps by Howard Gulick (thanks to Doug Eernisse)

1962 Auto Club Map of Baja California

1969 Auto Club Map of Northern Baja California

1969 Auto Club Map of Central and Southern Baja California

1971 Reconnaissance Geologic Map of Baja Norte (3 parts):

Northern Baja Norte

Central Baja Norte

Southern Baja Norte

1975 Baja California Guidebook Map

1975 Airports of Baja California Map

Mexican Topographic Maps from INEGI
(choose scale, area, and click PDF or GeoPDF where available)

Exciting New El Camino Real Website and Google Earth Map

Mexico Ted's BajaVisitor.com Blog

About David K, Shell Island, and Old Map

'David's Old Baja Photo Album, 1966 - 1999'

The Spanish Missions and Visitas in Baja

Lost Mission(?) Ruins: Found!

Choral Pepper and the Erle Stanley Gardner Expeditions

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    Peveril Meigs' Northern Baja Photos from 1925 to 1936

    Marquis McDonald's Color Mission Photos of 1949-1950

    All the Marquis McDonald Mission Photos

    Howard Gulick's Baja photo collection from the 1950's and 60's

    Many more of Howard Gulick's (and Harry Crosby's) Photos

    Harry Crosby's Photos and El Camino Real Details

    Finding El Camino Real in Baja

    GPS Waypoints in Baja

    Maps of Baja Norte

    Maps of Baja Sur

    CLICK HERE to find photos of specific Baja locations fast!

    David K's Baja Trip Photos:

    May, '99 To Mision Santa Maria by land and air, with BajaMur

    July, '00 Exploring with Lorenzo: Las Pintas, San Fernando, El Marmol, San Juan de Dios, Observatory.

    New Year's '01 with Lorenzo: San Vicente, Agua Caliente Hot Springs, Shell Island, Baja's two Sulfur Mines

    PREZ DAY 2001 with amigos to Sulfur Mine, Shell Island, & Matomi Canyon

    PREZ DAY (by Amo Pescar)

    PREZ DAY (by El Gato Loco)

    Apr. '01 San Borja, Cave Art, Rock Palms with Amo, Chris, & Neal Johns

    July '01 BBBB-1 party and Viva Baja Van trip to L.A. Bay

    Aug. '01 Punta Cabras & Guadalupe Valley Trips


    Dec.'01 15 Days in Baja, to Cabo and back

    April '02 trip to Bay of Los Angeles!

    Sept. '02 BBBB-4, San Quintin

    Nov '02 trips to Agua Dulce, Gonzaga Bay Sidetrips

    Dec, '02 North and South of L.A. Bay

    April, '03: Mision Santa Maria, El Volcan, and More!

    May '03: Book Signing Party & Shell Island/Lower Matomi Canyon!

    June '03: Baja 500 Off Road Race

    July '03: Camp Gecko, San Borja, Catavina Rock Art

    Nov. '03: Gonzaga Bay and El Camino Real Hike

    Jan. '04: New Year's in Baja, Bahia de Los Angeles & San Borja

    Feb. '04: Matomi Group Trip (incl. Shell Island & Sulfur Mine)

    Apr. '04: Exotic Baja Canyons, with jide

    May '04: Book Signing Party II

    July '04: Camp Gecko, La Gringa, Las Animas

    July '04: The 'BajaCactus' BBQ at JR's

    Aug '04 Baja Cactus Cultural Fiesta

    Nov.'04: El Rosario Area Side Trips

    Jan. '05: New Year's in Baja, Rock Art, Bahia de Los Angeles & Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

    Feb. '05: Weekend with Aletha & Marvin Patchen in the Anza-Borrego Desert

    Feb. '05: San Felipe 250 Race Weekend - including trip to Shell Island

    Apr.'05: Off Road Day Trip to Cantamar

    Apr. '05: Pyramid Resort's Third Annual Baja Book Signing Event

    Apr. '05: Guadalupe Canyon trip

    May '05 Memorial Day Weekend in El Rosario

    July '05 Nomad 4WD Tour, Baja-Rosario Festival '05, and Shell Island

    Sept.,'05: Across Baja via Mike's Sky Rancho (San Quintin to Shell Island)

    Sept '05: Las Pintas Fossil Grotto, incl. detailed road log

    Oct '05: Hector's Monument, L.A. Bay visit, La Lobera, Mision Santo Domingo

    Nov.'05: Los Martires to El Socorro with Boojums and Petroglyps (also missions Santo Tomas and Rosario)

    Dec., '05: Coastline south of El Rosario (Punta Baja to Punta San Carlos)

    Jan. '06: New Year's near San Felipe and in Cañon el Berrendo

    Jan. '06: El Marmol & El Volcan (Baja's Cold Water Geyser)

    Feb. '06 El Rosario's Petrified Forest & La Bocana Beach

    Apr. '06: Espinoza Museum, Search for Santa Ursula, Las Pintas & more!

    May '06: Pyramid Resort's Book Signing Event #4

    June '06: Baja 500 & Mision Santa Catalina

    June '06: Shell Island, Ejido Delicias & Matomi Canyon

    July '06: Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival

    Aug.'06: Nuevo Mazatlan Weekend

    Sept.,'06: Guadalupe Canyon Weekend

    Nov.'06: Baja 1000 Trip, including La Lobera, Cataviña cave, L.A. Bay, Gonzaga Bay, Shell Island.

    Feb.,'07: La Turquesa Grade, Campo Beluga, Puertecitos, Shell Island

    May, '07: Pyramid Resort's Book Signing Event #5

    May, '07: To Mision Santa Maria, Big Horn Sheep and More!

    July, '07: El Rosario Festival, Remote Pacific Coast, Bahia Asuncion, Mulege, and more!

    Jan. '08: Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs and La Vibora Canyon Petroglyphs

    May '08: Pyramid Resort's Book Signing Event #6

    May, '08: Shell Island Weekend

    Sept., '08: Shell Island to Gonzaga Bay, and El Rosario

    Jan. '09: A Lost Mission Found!

    May '09: Shell Island Fun in the Sun!

    July '09: Shell Island for the Fourth of July

    July '09: Ignacio Springs, Playa Frambes, Loreto, 7 mission sites,
    Mama Espinoza and much more!

    Oct. '09: Shell Island again, just can't get enough!

    May '10 2010 Mision Santa Maria trip

    Sept. '10: Las Pintas Fossil Grotto and Petroglyphs

    David Kier's Blog on the April 2011 Lost Mission Expedition

    July 2012: 15 Fabulous Days in Baja, to the tip and back!

    May 2013: Another Great Shell Island Weekend

    Sept. 2014: Labor Day Weekend: Baja Beach Get-A-Way!

    July 2015: Shell Island, San Ignacio, Bahía Concepcion, La Magdalena

    July 2016: Shell Island and Mission San Fernando

    Sept. 2016: The Baja Extreme Tour

    Jan. 2017: Road Guide Trip #1

    Jan 2017: Las Flores Railroad

    David K's Viva Baja Party Photos:

    A Message from Choral Pepper

    October '00 Viva Baja #1

    May '01 Viva Baja #2

    February '02 Viva Baja #3

    February '03 Viva Baja #4

    November '06 Viva Baja Cactus

    Contributed Baja Photos & Stories:

    Baja Ken's Sierra Trip

    M's El Tomatal Mystery

    M's Photos of Graham Mackintosh

    M's Total Eclipse Photos, 1991

    Seatwill's Checkpoint Picture

    Desert Rat Walks to Gonzaga plus Wild Bill in the Sierra

    BajaBoy's July,'01 Trip to Central Baja.

    Bedman's 2001 Photos (San Quintin, Coco's, L.A. Bay)

    Bedman's 2002 Photos (L.A. Bay & San Borja)

    BorderlineAdventure By Greg Joder

    Neal Johns explores Baja by truck and mule

    Neal Johns 2-03: Yubay and other central Baja sites

    Jide's Sierra Juarez Canyon Photos

    Jack Swords' Baja History Gallery

    Carlos Fiesta's CIRCUM NAVIGATION of the Baja Peninsula - Book edition.

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