El Marmol

The world's only schoolhouse made of onyx.
Slowly being destroyed. David K in front. The road to El Volcan goes over the rise, to the left of the schoolhouse. (7-24-00)

El Marmol Graveyard 7-25-00

El Volcan

Just over 4 miles from El Marmol, the process of making onyx can be seen here. (7-24-00)

El Volcan Onyx Spring

About 5 of these tiny springs can be seen on this hillside. The geyser and 'onyx dome' eluded us on this trip. (7-24-00)

The 'Onyx Dome' in 1995. Jack Swords photo.

What Lorenzo and I couldn't find! It is up the arroyo the road crosses 2/10ths a mile before the hillside with the springs in my photo. Thanks Jack!

I re-visit El Volcan and find the 'dome', in 2003: http://davidksbaja.com/403/page13.html.

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