Punta San Carlos

From the point, looking east towards the fishing village and Mesa San Carlos. Behind me, a half mile is the board sailing resort, Solo Sports. http://www.solosports.net/ (7-23-00)

The Road to Las Pintas

Eighteen miles from Hwy.#1, about half way to Punta San Carlos, this road turns left and follows the Arroyo San Fernando eastward. (7-24-00)

Las Pintas

At the end of a box canyon, just north of Arroyo San Fernando, is this fascinating pile of boulders with many petroglyphs and fossils. A waterfall is usually present, but this year was very dry.

Giant boojum growing from Las Pintas boulder

The road ends by the shady mesquite tree. Time to get out and explore! (7-24-00)

Las Pintas Squeeze

Passages over, under, or between the boulders make this 'Nature's Disneyland'! Can you see Lorenzo at the far end? (7-24-00)

Las Pintas Petros-1

Also interesting are the fossil oyster shells in the boulders! (7-24-00)

Las Pintas Petros-2

A 'mano' and rings etched into a boulder at the top of Las Pintas. The plain behind, 'funnels' any ground water to the top boulders. Water is forced to surface, and falls to the bottom. Just not this time!

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