Punta Cabras & Punta Banda Aug. 10-13, 2001 Also, Tecate to Ensenada Day Trip Aug. 26th.

4Baja, Desert Bull, and other friends went to the Punta Cabras area with an open invitation to other amigos. Chris, Sarah, Sarah's friend, and I took the Viva Baja Van south. We picked up Travelpearl and her son, Brendan at the KOA. Six hours later, we arrived (after 11 pm), and didn't wake a soul! The next morning the group awoke to see the 4WD van and our tents in their compound. Soon, Desert Bull and Travelpearl left on his 400cc Polaris quad. They returned with terrible news, Travelpearl severely injured her back in a roll over. 'Fishin Rich' joined us later on Saturday. Sunday, we went to Punta Banda to visit with Paulina on her last day in Baja before moving to New Jersey. Here are a few photos. The Aug. 26 story and photos follow.

Viva Baja Van and Desert Bull's Dodge

From Punta Cabras looking north at Bahia Almejas. Our camp was at the far end of this beach, on the low bluff.

Looking south to Punta Cabras from our camp at N31°20.85' W116°27.32' (WGS 84) on Bahia Almejas.


In here is Desert Bull, Travelpearl, Beth, 4Baja, and other friends, including Fishin' Rich, on the right.

Fishin' Rich had a well organized camper on his Dodge truck. Personalized plates top it off.

Sarah and Davila posing on Bull's Polaris.

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