My Baja Biography

    Baja has been in my blood since 1965, when my parents began their travels south in a Jeep Wagoneer. Gonzaga Bay was our first destination. A two week adventure from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas ocurred in 1966. L.A. Bay was visited in 1967. In addition to those trips, many long weekends were spent south of San Felipe at Nuevo Mazatlan (Agua de Chale). Later on, I often camped at a beach I call 'Shell Island'.

    At 15, I authored my first guidebook in 1973. Titled, 'Baja and the Transpeninsular Highway', it was the first guide to the new Baja highway (still under construction) . Trips without parents began when I was 16 in my street legal dune buggy. My next Bajaguidebook was published in the Jan., 1975 special edition of The Baja California Bulletin.

    I made numerous trips to Baja for camping, exploring, and to watch the off road races. I was invited to help a pit team at Nuevo Junction for the '78 Baja 500. I joined up with the Vista based team 'Los Campeones', and was a 'pit captain' for several Score races. Class 6 racer, 'Skip' Ylhainen asked me to be his co-driver in the '79 Baja 1000 (Ensenada to La Paz). Even though we broke down early in the race, I had fulfilled a dream, and an experience to be sure!

    I extensively mapped the area south and west from San Felipe and 'rediscovered' a road that leads across the coastal range from the sulfur mine to Valle Chico. This led me to explore Matomi canyon, with a waterfall and large pool, even in August!
I wrote a few articles for the Mexico West Travel Club newsletter, and became friends with club owners and Baja authors Tom and Shirley Miller.

    In the 1990's, business, marriage, and children had reduced the trips taken into Baja. But, with the Internet one can revisit Baja daily! I reply to posts on the several Baja bulletin or message boards when I can provide information or links. I have also served as Internet 'secretary' for Graham Mackintosh (author of 'Into a Desert Place' and 'Journey With a Baja Burro'). On the Internet I met Baja Mur. A wonderful gentleman, full of life, with a heart set on adventure! We met in person May 1st, 1999 ( at 3 a.m.), and by 3 p.m. had been to Mision Santa Maria and suffered injuries together attempting to leave the valley containing the mission. Thus becoming 'Baja Blood Brothers' or BBB for short. Thanks to Mur's camera and web page, our Baja friends can enjoy the sights. Some of which are on this web page.

    In July, 2000, 'Lorenzo de Baja', invited me to go for a week exploring sites in northern Baja. I met him two months earlier at a gathering in San Clemente where I met Baja amigo Timothy Walker of On the Internet, one discovers an amazing amount of Baja enthusiasm is 'out there'. 

    My first Viva Baja party was next. Baja people love to meet other Baja people. We share experiences, and realize we are not alone. Others have the disease, known as 'Baja Fever'!

    I acquired a four wheel drive truck and took Lorenzo exploring the last weekend of 2000. The Presidents Day 2001 Weekend, was the first Baja Amigos group trip. 

    'Amo Pescar' wanted to start a tour business and made me his partner. Named after my party, Viva Baja Tours, we began to scout locations in April, 2001. A 4WD tour van was purchased. The maiden voyage with Baja amigos as passengers, in June & July. We started that trip by attending the very first BBBB party, then continuing on south. The attack on America of 9/11/01 derailed our tour business.

    Trips of fun and exploration continue. Communicating on the Internet with many old and new friends means more adventures in Baja are guaranteed! Please use the Baja Links to view Baja Mur's and other great web sites!


'Shell Island' and Laguna Percebu's lagoon. 

Photo taken by Baja Mur on his way to Gonzaga. Cessna pilot is Doug Bowles. 

Shell Island from space! 

South of San Felipe, Pta. Estrella to El Vergel.
Bahia Santa Maria is just south of Shell Island. 

San Felipe area circa 1988

San Felipe area circa 1980

Maps by David Kier

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