1967: Mexicali to Bahia de los Angeles

A couple months before I turn 10, at the gold ore mill
ruins of Dick Daggett over-looking Arroyo Calamajue.

Campo Nuevo Mazatlan 1966-69

Before today's forest of trees were planted, shade was
provided by large cabanas on the beach. Built of ocotillo by Luis
Castellanos Moreno. The tree planting began about 1970. See


Fishing was awesome at a small bay 1 1/2 miles north of Nuevo Mazatlan.
Around 1970, a new tourist campo was established there and it was named 'Bahia Santa Maria'.
Vacation homes were constructed on leased lots and that idea spread along
almost the entire coast south of San Felipe over the next 30 years.

Shrimp Boat

Blown way into the lagoon and salt flat just north of the bay during the '67 huricane.
It never reached the sea again, and slowly was dismantled
over the next 15 years.

Jeep won't start! Mom in a classic pose.

After returning to the Wagoneer from a walk to the shrimp boat,
it wouldn't start! Some people with Jeep pick ups were camping just south of Nuevo Mazatlan,
so I walked a couple miles to get my parents some help, before the tide came in!

San Pedro Martir Observatory, Oct. 1972

My dad (Dr. Ed Kier) and I on the new road to the
observatory. Perhaps one of my favorite photos of us. This man is
responsible for my love of Baja.

Juncalito/Loreto 1973

Ramon Villalejo holds a beautiful dorado (dolphinfish/ mahimahi) caught by my mom, Lynn Kier.

1973 Baja 1000

Here is Parnelli Jones, winner of the '63 Indy 500, '70 &
'73 Baja 500, and the '71 & '72 Mexican/ Baja 1000).
I was lucky to be by his trailer when he zoomed in from pre-running
in his 'Big Oly' Bronco, the day before the race.

Agua de Mezquitito in 1974

This waterhole is 15 miles north of Gonzaga Bay and just west of the road.
At 16, this was during my first trip to Baja without my parents,
traveling with a friend (Pat Goforth).

April, 1975

New buggy passes old, on the southern route out from El Marmol.
This was my second (Easter vacation) one week Baja trip,
at 17 with a school friend (Mike Clancy)
and two other vehicles that joined us.
I began leading Baja tours then!

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