EL CAMINO REAL in Baja, Part 12, Maps

The following three maps were drawn by Howard Gulick in 1954 during his extensive research on the peninsula that was published as the Lower California Guidebook with many editions and printings from 1956 to 1970. These maps and a report on the location of the old mission trail were never published.

(Click on maps to see a larger image)

Loreto to San Ignacio

As Loreto was the first California mission, the trail started there and went north...

San Ignacio to San Borja

The Jesuits built well and the trail is found most of the way to San Borja...

San Borja to El Rosario

North of San Borja most of the El Camino Real is just an animal trail as the Jesuits were removed from California in 1768. The Franciscans and Dominicans were not the same road builders as were the Jesuits.

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