Baja in May, 2003

Two weekend trips this month!
First, to attend the Baja Book Authors 'Signing Party' at the Pyramid Resort, La Mision.
Second, to explore an old road on Memorial Day weekend.


Harry Crosby and Jimmy Smith, 5-3-03!

Harry checks Jimmy's cartoon name tag at this second meeting of two living Baja legends.
They first met in 1967 when Harry was riding on the El Camino Real!


Bernie Swaim, Larry Stanton, and 'J.R. Baja' at the first annual book signing
hosted by Keri of the Pyramid Resort.
Bernie was a big promoter of this idea, as well. Everyone had a great time!


Jimmy Smith and Skeet act like old chums!


Here's 'M' (Michelle), 'Capt. Mike', and 'BHL' (Dave). Note the fantastic view!


David K with his Baja heroes

I am so very honored to be in the same room with Jimmy Smith and Harry Crosby!

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