Feb.'04: Matomi Group Trip

Presidents Day Weekend FEB. 14 - 16, 2004 Campo Nuevo Mazatlan Km. 32 south of San Felipe, Baja California.

Saturday we visit Shell Island.
Sunday we tour Parral and Matomi canyons.
Monday we check out the sulfur mine, then head home.

All Photos c2004 from Bob H, David K, 'Mexray', 'Tunaeater', and Edie H (the source of each photo is noted in the caption).

Nuevo Mazatlan was a perfect location for our group camp. Baja Rob (from Bahia Santa Maria), came over to meet us on this morning. (David K)

'Pancho' with the cool Matomi 2004 hat (from Mexray), and Sarah. (David K)

When you have Baja Fever, stickers go on your Baja rig! (Bob H)

After horseback riding, Sarah takes the Toyota for a spin. At 13, she already knows how to go four wheeling! (Bob H)

Surfer Jim is ready to go exploring! I credit Jim for inspiring me to have a Matomi Gang reunion. Alumni from the 2001 Presidents' Day trip were Mexray, Mike Humfreville, Sarah and David K. (David K)

Surfer Jim on the (mostly gone) causeway road to Shell Island. Built to provide high tide access in 1984 for a development that never was started. The concrete culvert/ bridge remains while most of the elevated road bed has eroded away. (Bob H)

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