Erle Stanley Gardner and Choral Pepper

Two people who loved exploring Baja and wrote many books and articles about the myeteries of Baja's history and legends.

Walls of Dolores ???

At San Francisco de la Sierra. Photo by Choral Pepper.

San Francisco de la Sierra, in 1964.

Note extensive walls dating from the Spanish mission era.

Santa Maria Magdalena, a proposed mission site found?

Part of the ancient wall leading up from the (now) dry spring.
Palm logs and a date palm seedling indicated a previous supply of water and a planted grove.
Photos from the July, 1966 DESERT MAGAZINE article by Choral Pepper.

The wall leads up to a mesa where rock ruins, native sleeping circles, discarded clam shells were found.

I personally interviewed three people who were there, with Gardner.
None could provide exact directions to the site, somewhere between Las Flores and El Barril.

Choral Pepper, in 2001

The love of Baja never escaped from Choral, and she knew I would continue searching for her lost 'Santa Maria Magdelena'.
Choral passed away the year after this photo was taken.

David K's search for Santa Maria Magdalena (Photos):

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If you would like to join my search or if you think you found it, please contact me! Thank you very much!!

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